Apostle Suleman Educates Church Members On Implications Of Bleaching

A video circulating online shows Nigerian televangelist, Apostle Suleman Johnson educating his church members on the implications of applying creams to change their skin color.

The pastor, who was delivering a sermon in church, took to opportunity to enlighten his members about bleaching.

The clergyman said;

“Can I give you an advise? Don’t bleach. Bleaching is not original and anything that isn’t original has no end. Once you move from your original color you have no end”

The controversial pastor went on to list four disadvantages of bleaching.

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According to him, bleaching causes smelly skin, skin reaction resulting in dark knuckles, it causes cancer, and it makes a woman look like a man.

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Suleman also dragged men who bleach, calling them “Fans of cream” as they supposed to be fans of football clubs like their mates.

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