OMG!! 14 Year Old Raped, Stabbed And Burnt To Death After Being Left Behind By School Bus

In what appears to be tragic reports, a 14 year old school girl who was forced to walk home after being left behind by the school bus as been brutally raped, stabbed and burnt to death

The gruesome murder was carried out on the South African school girl identified as Liticha Princess Sbongile Nelson whose body was left to decay near Elsburg on the East Rand

The grade 9 pupil who until her death attended Graceland Education Center in Elsburg, Germiston, went missing last Wednesday after she was left behind by her school transport and had to walk home with her body discovered by community members in a bush two days later

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Upon her disappearance on Wednesday, her grandmother panicked and started checking around the neighbourhood and headed to report the teen missing to police but was told to bring a photograph of the child.

Reacting to the sad news, the education department in a statement said;

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The grandmother went to the school and reported the child missing and it was confirmed that she was absent on the Wednesday.

“It is also concerning that the school failed to assist the parent,”

The grandmother mobilised the community on Friday and, accompanied by dogs, they searched the nearby bush and found the body.

“Sadly, the grandmother had to go back to the Elsburg police station to inform them about the gruesome discovery.

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